Foods That Fight Cancer

Most of the deaths are caused because of unhealthy food habits and foods that are rich in cancer food properties are consumed less by the patients. Therefore, a change in diet can help you fight cancer and keep you in good health too. To reduce the risk of cancer one must store the right food in the fridge so you get proper nutrition. Significant symptoms of cancer may vary and controlling this disease is possible if you eat the right food. Natural foods and compounds can give you good amount of nutrition. Fruits and vegetables have rich cancer fighting properties and some are discussed below. Following are some suggestions for foods that have high concentration of cancer fighting elements.


Broccoli has a potent compound known as sulforaphane, which has the potential to flush out the cancer causing chemicals and increases the cancer fighting enzymes in the body. Broccoli is also rich in galactose which helps to repair the elements in the intestines that are damaged and fight cancer related to lung, liver, brain, stomach tumors, skin, bladder, breast, etc. It also detoxifies the liver


Drinking beet juice can be beneficial as it is rich in cancer fighting properties. It detoxifies the body and protect the cells. Even the individuals who are trained as athletes incorporate beet-root juice in the training regime. It reverses the condition of cancer and helps the athletes to perform better. Beet root increases the level of oxygen in the body and eliminates waste. It also has a high content of iron which increases the amount of oxygen offered to the cells in the body and kill the cancer cells. The health of cancer patients improves a lot with beet-root juice.

Red Wine

Red wine has polyphenols which protect the body against various types of cancers. Alcohol can be toxic so red wine should be consumed without alcohol. The red wine has great cancer fighting properties because the skin of grape is used for making wine and sin f the grape is rich in Resveratrol and when treatment of chemotherapy or radiation is taken the capability to kill the cancer causing cells is increased. Red or purple grape can also be consumed for its rich cancer fighting properties.


Variety of berries have cancer fighting properties. Red raspberries, strawberries, wolf berries, etc. prevent cancer. High concentration of phytochemicals known as anthocynanins reduces the premalignant cell growth and fights cancer related to colon, esophageal, skin, etc. consuming half a cup of berry almost every day is good for health as well. The cancer preventive qualities in berries are very good and has been proven by the researchers as well.


It is a wonderful source that helps to halt the progress of cancer which can spread in the body. It is also an herb and flavors the food. The blood supply is stopped which has the capability to form tumors. The properties of garlic which makes it a unique element to fight cancer are, active agents of sulfur, selenium and tryptophan. Taking 2 to 3 loaves of garlic everyday with water in a raw form early in the morning can help in keeping the cancer forming elements away. It also reduces blood pressures and fights many other diseases.


Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps to preserve the red color of tomatoes and has the capability to stop endometrial cancer cell growth. Tomatoes fight the lung, endometrial, prostate, reduces risk of pancreatic, colorectal cancers and stomach cancers. The lycopene present in the tomatoes attacks the roaming molecules of oxygen which triggers cancer growth in the body. Cell damage also leads to cancer and tomatoes have vitamin C which controls the cell damage preventing cancer. Lycopene kills mouth cancer cells as well.


It is a supreme cancer fighting food which is rich in nutrients, phytochemicals , minerals and antioxidant properties as it has Carotenoids which can fight prostate, neck, breast and head cancer. The natural Vitamin E present in Avacados prevents cancer. It has high form of Lutein which can prevent the risk of breast cancer in women. Glutathione is an antioxidant which detoxifies the body and decreases glutathione level of the cancer cells in the body. They also have high levels of beta-carotene and gives more potassium to the body than bananas. As it reduces risk to the liver.