Blood Test for Cancer

There are a large number of patients who are diagnosed with cancer die every year with so much awareness in the 21st century of medical front people who are thinking that they have symptoms of cancer should visit their doctor immediately and must seek his advice. The doctor will then order the patient to undergo a blood test or laboratory test such as analysis of urine or a biopsy of the affected area. With the report the doctor will start his treatment. Normally blood tests had not given the presence of cancer except for blood cancer.

What your doctor will do?

Upon getting the lab report the doctor will go through the contents and these will tell an exact picture of cancer cells, proteins and other parts made by cancer. The blood and urine tests will give the doctor on the body condition and it’s working whether they are affected by cancer.

Now we can see what are the types of blood tests to detect cancer

Complete Blood Count or CBC
. This common blood test will tell the amount of different types of blood cells in blood. With this test presence of blood cancer can be detected if too many types of blood cell are found. A bone marrow biopsy will confirm the presence of a blood cancer.

Urine cytology. This test will tell the amount of cancer cells that will come from bladder, ureters or kidneys.

Blood Protein Testing. This is the test that will examine the amount of proteins in blood (electrophoresis) and that can assist in finding certain abnormal immune system proteins (immunoglobulins) that sometimes increases the chances of disease multiple myeloma. The bone marrow biopsy can also tell the diagnosis of blood cancer.

Tumor marker tests. Tumor markers are chemicals that are developed due to tumor cells and it can be found in the blood. But tumor cells also develop some normal cells in the body if the levels are in high then the presence of cancer will be diagnosed.

The best way to detect cancer with tumor markers has not been determined yet and the use of some tumor marker tests is controversial.

How to interpret the results?

The test results are to be read to be careful due to various factors that can change the test outcomes like variations in body or even in taking food. Apart from that the noncancerous conditions can sometimes cause abnormal test results. In some cases cancer can be found if the blood results are normal. The thorough review by doctor on the blood test results will determine the amount of levels in the normal range.

Though the urine and blood tests can help the doctor in finding the cancer but other tests are generally essential to find out if the person has cancer. For most types of cancer a biopsy that is to get a sample of suspicious cells for testing is necessary for concluding that the person has cancer. In case of tumor markers the doctor will advise the person to go for another test. Always go by the doctor and take help to prevent cancer.